Running For Women

Retail Partner Program

Running For Women partners with specialty retailers to deliver its comprehensive fitness, health and wellness plan that inspires women to make exercise a part of their daily lives. Review a sample retail partner contract

Designed for Running Specialty Stores
Run/walk + wellness programs
(beginner through half-marathon)
Only 1 partner contract awarded per zip code
Planning and execution support ensures your success
Generate $50,000 to $150,000 in new revenue

"We had double digit increases in our business this holiday season with good profit margins and few markdowns. Some of the credit for those increases definitely goes to Karey Zufelt's Running for Women Program. Running For Women generates new customers."

JD Denton, Owner Fleet Feet Sports, Davis CA

"The feedback has been great and all the women are doing well and remaining committed. We are very happy with the program. You have my thanks and endorsement!"

Susan R, Kailua Running Company, Kona HI

"Your program is well written and easy to follow. The women in the groups are so excited about the program! Our classes have grown so much - mostly by word of mouth. We have 70 in our PM group and about 40 in our AM group!"

Deborah T, Fleet Feet Sports, Santa Rosa CA